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Matriculation Lists

The success students experience at Blair is evident in the School’s college matriculation lists and in the prestigious scholarships that students have won, including the University of North Carolina’s Morehead-Cain Scholarship, the University of Virginia’s Jefferson Scholarship, Davidson College’s Belk Scholarship and the University of Chicago’s National Merit Scholarship.

Learn more about Blair's approach to college counseling.

The highly personalized Blair college counseling process is one of self-awareness, exploration and reflection. Above all, it is student-centered. By the time your son or daughter embarks on the college process, Blair college counselors know him or her and your family well. This puts counselors in a unique position to encourage and challenge students as they identify what they want out of the college experience; guide the development of a school list that matches this criteria and your child’s credentials; and assist in executing an effective action plan for visits, test preparation, essays and applications. James Lawless, Pennsylvania