Students pose onstage during musical number in production of Chicago
Students engage in a science experiment during class.
robotics class
Jason Beck's history class
Robert Hanson teaches a video-editing class.

Courses & Curriculum

Blair was a game changer for our son. To say that he came out of his shell is an understatement. His confidence, as well as his oral and written communication skills, expanded significantly, making him well prepared for college and beyond. We are so happy with our decision to send him to Blair and so is he.

Mark & Margot, Connecticut

At Blair, we blend our traditional core curriculum with innovative offerings and best-practice teaching approaches. Our engaging and challenging courses incorporate reflection and analytical thought, and we offer a number of course levels to choose from, including more than 50 honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and post-AP classes.

We believe students learn best when they have a choice in what and how they learn, encounter appropriate challenge in their intellectual pursuits and have space to express their creativity. That's why Blair students have the ability to tailor their coursework to their abilities and interests.

To learn more about Blair's courses and curriculum, download a PDF of our brochure about academics at Blair or download a PDF of our 2021-2022 course catalog.

A Closer Look at the Curriculum

In class, our students supplement reading and other assignments with lively debates; examine great works of literature through an interdisciplinary lens; blend the study of art and technology in multidisciplinary hands-on courses such as design thinking; and learn the joy of pure mathematics from teachers whose passion for the subject goes beyond its typical applications.

In addition to working closely with peers and faculty in small classes, students across disciplines pursue hands-on work related to their academic studies at the Chiang-Elghanayan Center for Innovation and Collaboration, a forward-thinking academic facility that inspires creativity, promotes innovative thinking and collaborative learning, and connects classroom study to real-world challenges.

Applied Learning Off Campus

Because of our proximity to some of the world’s best-known museums and theatres, our students have opportunities to amplify classroom study of art history and the creation of fine and performing works of art with visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Broadway theatres and Carnegie Hall.

Science classes take advantage of our rural northern New Jersey (NJ) location to get off campus to see real-world farming practices in action, applying in-class lessons to what they observe firsthand and then reflecting on those experiences after returning to Bogle Science Center. And our Blair LEADS sections partner with local nonprofits, engaging in research and project planning as they aim to understand and solve real-world problems and place them in larger contexts beyond the immediate situation at hand.