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Mr. Pagotto high fives a student entering Clinton Hall.
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Distinctively Blair

Our daughter immediately felt she belonged at Blair. The School offers a strong foundation for a lifetime of opportunity, mixing leadership and academic excellence within a value system that promotes kindness and decency, which is incredibly important in this day and age. This makes it very easy to trust that Blair is the right school for our daughter.

Bill & Kristy Thompson, north carolina

Each of Blair’s curricular and co-curricular signature programs supports students as they become empowered global citizens who enter college and their professional lives with a competitive advantage because of the skills they learned at Blair.

Across the Blair experience, students discover firsthand the importance of forging meaningful relationships with their teachers and peers, collaborating with others to solve problems, performing public service for the common good, developing strong leadership and communication skills, engaging with people from other countries and cultures, and forming a set of personal values that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Through these hallmark initiatives in leadership development, public speaking, international and domestic travel, and collaborative and innovative learning, as well as our traditional Society of Skeptics program, dual-advisor system, faculty summer institute and freshman seminar, we bring the best of the world to Blair—and the best of Blair to the world. As a result, students enjoy one-of-a-kind educational opportunities, mastering critical competencies that are sought after by colleges and employers.

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