Chinese Applicants

Step 1: Fill Out an Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in Blair Academy. We look forward to introducing you to the Blair experience.

The first step to learning more about Blair is to submit an admission inquiry. Inquiring online creates an account and allows prospective students to move forward in the application process. After receiving your inquiry, the admission office will send you regular communications, starting with our admission packet. You will then receive information about upcoming Blair events and happenings.

Submit an inquiry online.

Step 2: Complete Application

You can apply to Blair for the 2018-2019 school year in three different ways: via Blair's online application, Gateway to Prep Schools or the SAO. Click one of the icons below to submit an application.

Blair academy application button
Gateway to prep schools application button
standard application online button

The following are also required components of the application:

If you would like to submit any of these application materials electronically, please email them to

Step 3: Take Standardized Tests

International candidates must take the TOEFL and SSAT tests. We do not accept faxed copies of test results.

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)—Applicants must take the TOEFL, an exam administered several times a year in most countries. You can inquire at your nearby American or international school, or consulate for information regarding the TOEFL. Our school code for the TOEFL test is 9415.

Step 4: Schedule an Interview

Any applicant who attends school in mainland China must either interview through Vericant or visit Blair for an on-campus interview. The admission committee does not have a preference for either type of interview. As a result of this partnership with Vericant, there is no need for applicants to request a Skype interview.

Please contact Vericant to schedule your interview for Blair Academy. Blair’s international application fee does not include any additional fees associated with Vericant.

Please remember to submit the online inquiry and the application in addition to the Vericant interview.

Please note that we cannot guarantee an on-campus interview after our application deadline of January 15.

Scheduling an on-campus interview

  1. Before scheduling an appointment with the admission office, the prospective student’s application, TOEFL and SSAT scores must be received by the admission office.
  2. Once the admission office reviews and processes the application and test scores, the applicant can then schedule a campus visit (which must take place before the January 15 deadline).

To schedule an interview, please email or call 1-800-462-5247.


When are interview deadlines?

Through Vericant—January 15

On campus—January 15

Important: Prior to scheduling an on-campus interview, you must submit a completed application, as well as TOEFL and SSAT scores.

If I plan to do an on-campus interview, do I have to submit a Vericant interview?

No. If you plan to visit Blair and interview while you are on campus, please do not submit a Vericant interview.

If I attend school in the United States, do I have to interview through Vericant?

No. If you prefer, please contact the Blair admission office at to set up your on-campus interview.

After interviewing with Vericant or Blair's admission staff on campus, when will a decision be made?

Candidates who submit all required components of the application by January 15 will learn of their admission decision on our regular notification day, March 10.

What other materials are required in order for my application to be considered complete?

  1. Official school transcript (English translation required)
  2. Recommendations

All admission materials are due to Blair Academy's office of admission by January 15. All applications received after that date will be reviewed on a rolling basis.