Financial Aid FAQs

Who may apply for financial aid?

Anyone is welcome to apply for aid, boarding and day candidates alike. Families interested in applying for financial aid should check the appropriate section on the admission application and also complete the online SSS application process.

What is Blair’s tuition?

For the 2019-2020 academic year, day student tuition is $44,900 and boarding student tuition is $64,200 (this includes room and board).

Where do I begin the process of applying for financial aid?

Families should go the School and Student Service for Financial Aid website (SSS) to begin the process.

When is the financial aid application due?

January 15. Parents' financial statement (PFS) forms should be completed by this date to allow adequate time for processing. We do not reserve funds beyond the initial round of awards for late applicants or for those whose PFS or tax forms are received after stated deadlines.

Does Blair have any athletic, art or academic scholarships?

No. All financial aid is distributed on the basis of financial need.

How is need assessed?

The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) has established guidelines to help schools manage their financial aid programs in a manner that will be generally consistent from one school to the next. The information you provide will be used by the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) to calculate an estimate of how much you can afford to contribute to your child’s education. The Blair Academy Financial Aid Committee then uses this estimate, along with the other information you provide, to determine a recommended family contribution and subsequent financial aid award.

If parents are divorced or separated, who fills out the financial aid application?

Each parent, regardless of custodial arrangements, must fill out a complete financial aid application. If a parent has remarried, the stepparent must provide their financial and tax information as well.

What is the Blair school code, to be used on the PFS, line 7a?


What if I have more than one child in school?

Tuition expenses for all children in tuition-charging schools (excluding graduate school) will be taken into consideration. Blair requires that families apply for aid at each of the institutions their children attend. Blair cannot subsidize tuition for other tuition-charging schools.

If we have more than one child applying for financial assistance, do we have to complete more than one financial assistance application?

No. Please note that the parents’ financial statement (PFS) now allows you to apply once for all children.

What if we own our own business or farm?

Business and farm information is captured on the parent financial statement (PFS). Additionally, please submit your schedule C.

If we receive financial aid in our child’s first year, will we receive the same award in subsequent years?

You must reapply every year for financial aid. Your award will be adjusted based on changes in your family’s financial situation, as well as against the strength of the entire financial aid applicant pool.

What if our tax information isn’t available at the time of the application?

We understand that your current Federal Tax Return Form 1040 may not be completed prior to January 15. As a result, we ask that you provide all previous year’s information until current-year returns are available. However, all financial aid awards are tentative until receipt of current-year returns and the verification of supplied income, asset and tax estimates. It is imperative that these forms be uploaded as soon as possible after they become available.

Is the financial aid application confidential?

All information contained in the application materials is strictly confidential–it is used solely for the determination of demonstrated need by the Director of Financial Aid and the Financial Aid Committee.

What if our financial situation is complicated or is changing significantly right now?

Send a detailed letter if there are circumstances that Blair should consider when determining your financial need. Be as specific as possible with dates and figures. Parents who return to school or change jobs as a personal choice must realize that a resulting decrease in their family income cannot be underwritten by financial aid from Blair.

Are there any loan programs available?

While Blair may offer a financial aid package that includes a grant and a fixed-rate low interest loan, there are also low-rate educational loan options from Your Tuition Solution. Additional information on financing resources can be found at the National Association of Independent Schools.

What if I have more questions about financial aid?

Contact Teddy Wenner, director of financial aid at Blair Academy, at (908) 362-3130, or