All In The Campaign for Blair Academy 2018-2025

Tuition for 2024-2025

Student Type Tuition Cost Cost Includes
Boarding $75,900 Fee covers tuition, room and board
Day $52,900 Fee covers tuition, study rooms and meals at the School Monday through Saturday

Families can deposit money onto students' school-issued ID cards, which can act as a debit card for on-campus purchases, such as textbooks and supplies, personal items from the athletic store, campus center, activities, and health center charges.

There are additional fees for art courses, music lessons, driver’s education, special testing, class trips and other items. Some fees will be required in advance and others will be billed. A schedule of these fees will be supplied by the business office upon request.

Enrolling families should be aware of the Blair Academy Tuition Refund Plan, which requires a charge of $960 for boarding students and $670 for day students. These fees are discounted to $480 and $330, respectively, if paid in full before school starts. The amount may also be adjusted based on awarded financial aid, with the fee totaling roughly 1 percent of a family's total contribution.