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Faculty Talent & Excellence

GOAL: Recruit, retain and develop diverse and talented faculty who embrace our mission of knowing our students; share our commitment to excellent and innovative teaching and coaching; and have the training, resources, and time to thrive professionally and personally.

Teachers who challenge and connect with students as scholars, mentors, coaches and leaders are Blair’s most powerful asset. We must invest in attracting and supporting gifted faculty who are committed to boarding school teaching careers at Blair and whose multifaceted identities and experiences create a superior learning environment for a diverse student body.

We will continue to foster a rich and rewarding student-centered professional environment that supports the best and brightest teachers from different disciplines and industries as they devote time to their craft; develop skills, pedagogies and partnerships beyond Blair; and model fulfilling personal lives and well-being for our students. This will enable us to best prepare our students to navigate a complex global society as effective communicators, collaborative and imaginative problem-solvers, and discerning thinkers.

Kelly Hadden with students


Recruiting & retaining top talent


Enhance faculty compensation and benefits to reward excellence and to reflect the competitive market for talented independent school teachers.


Ensure that Blair’s faculty more fully reflects the diversity of race/ethnicity, identity, background and experience of Blair’s student body, alumni/ae and families.


Hire additional teachers to meet the evolving needs of our programs and to create the conditions that best allow faculty to know our students very well, and to nurture their own personal and professional growth.


Build an instructive and engaging teaching fellowship program to attract and develop energetic and talented young faculty from top colleges.

Ancient History Class
Jen Pagotto leads the orchestra during the Spring Concert
Science teacher Schnayder Termidor leads an experiment during class.

Promoting professional development & honoring excellence


Offer a comprehensive array of faculty training opportunities, including in-depth summer teaching institutes, educational travel, professional conferences, and graduate and professional studies.


Support faculty through a growth-oriented feedback and evaluation process based on the latest research and best practices.


Establish new endowed faculty chairs that recognize outstanding teachers and provide additional compensation, growth and leadership opportunities.

Kate Sykes' ceramics class
science class
Lian Wang's Chinese class