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GOAL: Create facilities that amplify Blair’s educational mission and enhance the academic, artistic, athletic and residential experience of students and faculty.


With relationship-based learning and superior academic preparation ever at the heart of the Blair experience, Armstrong-Hipkins Center for the Arts (1997), Annie Hall (1999), Hardwick Hall (2008), Blair Commons (2008), and Kathryn and Lakeside Halls (2015) have provided spaces where faculty members know, teach, train and support students across all dimensions of the Blair experience.

In 2017, we celebrated the opening of the Chiang-Elghanayan Center for Innovation and Collaboration, an open-architecture, technology-rich learning hub and home to Blair’s fine arts and technology departments, and Weber Hall, re-purposed to optimize the teaching of mathematics. These outstanding academic facilities have already begun to bring the campus aspect of this strategic plan to vibrant life. As we look to the next decade, we will continue this important work through projects that address current and future needs.

Blair campus aerial photo



Renovate and enlarge Bogle Hall to enhance and expand the teaching of laboratory science and independent research. (completed 2019)


Renovate the J. Brooks Hoffman ’36 Health Center to create a comprehensive, modern health-and-wellness facility designed to best care for our community.


Increase and diversify quality housing for Blair teachers, commensurate with their age and family needs, in order to attract superior teaching candidates and retain the best “triple-threat” teachers who also coach, lead activities and work in Blair’s dormitories.

Bogle Science Center
Weber Hall
Dave Facciani meets with students


Construct a seasonal winter sports complex, available during the coldest months of the year, to enhance students’ athletic experience and bring the entire community together for activities and events. (completed 2018)


Create an indoor golf training center where team members can practice year-round. (J. Li Golf Training Center completed 2018)


Further enhance the athletic experience through projects, including the construction of a second turf field, construction of a crew boathouse, and improvements to our golf course and Wallace Pool.

Blair's indoor winter sports complex.
J. Li Golf Training Center
Boys' Crew
Turf field


Foster a safe and welcoming local community beyond our campus by supporting improvements to Blairstown.

Chiang-Elghanayan Center for Innovation and Collaboration