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Forward-thinking Programs

GOAL: Prepare students to confidently navigate life in college and beyond through programs that emphasize health and well-being, diversity and inclusion, and meaningful connections between classroom work and real-world issues.

Student health & well-being

Given the ubiquity of technology and the increasingly rapid pace of life and change in society, today’s adolescents face a unique blend of social/emotional pressures and moral challenges. Through programs that emphasize personal wellness, character, values, kindness and moral leadership, we must position our students to navigate the challenges of adolescence and develop a strong sense of self, values and place in the world.

We will support students in becoming resilient,  self-aware and confident young adults who possess the social, emotional and leadership tools they need to build successful and fulfilling lives. 

TEDx event



Expand and implement research-based programs, curricula and services that support student physical and emotional health, connection and resilience.

Boys' dorm room


Develop a comprehensive academic support office to foster critical study and organizational skills and to counsel students of all learning styles.


Diversity & inclusion

Belonging, understanding and empathy are hallmarks of Blair’s culture that foster authentic enthusiasm for working with and learning from individuals of diverse backgrounds. In an increasingly interconnected and complex world, it is essential to deepen our students’ abilities and give them opportunities to meaningfully communicate, collaborate and strategically leverage the power of diverse teams.

We will build upon Blair’s inclusive culture by affording students and faculty enhanced skills, training, experiences and ideas that empower them to build meaningful relationships across lines of difference and more fully understand the ever-changing world around them. 

Convocation 2017



Enhance training, research and programming that support a positive and inclusive campus climate, faculty efficacy and student learning.

Students walk across campus to class.


Devote additional resources to support school-wide committees and programs that further foster a dynamic and diverse environment and train our students to become smart global citizens.


College counseling

We are committed to providing a holistic and highly personalized college counseling experience to meet the ever-shifting demands of an increasingly complex and hyper-competitive undergraduate admission process. As we prepare our graduates for excellent college outcomes, we help them discover the schools that fit them best and at which they will thrive.

We will provide comprehensive guidance and advocacy based on best practices to meet the evolving realities of the college admission process.

2019 Commencement



 Develop and implement a comprehensive college counseling strategic plan and a flexible annual plan of programs, resources and travel.


Enhance communication with students and parents, including by providing a regularly updated guidebook that details our college counseling approach. (first edition completed in 2018)


Increase support for Blair counselors to attend professional conferences and travel to colleges to forge relationships with higher-education professionals at a broad range of institutions.

College Fair 2018
commencement 2019
college fair


External Partnerships

By establishing partnerships with alumni and professionals from higher education and various industries, we will create more opportunities for experts and mentors to become meaningfully involved in and inspire our students’ learning and amplify the real-world impact of our project work.

We will establish partnerships with experts and organizations beyond Blair that enhance learning by connecting classroom work to real-world issues.

Akhil Garg returned to campus for an alumni roundtable event



Hire faculty who will continue to build and manage close partnerships with higher-education institutions and professionals across industries to enhance learning.

daVinci robot demonstration


Devote additional programmatic resources to support a rich slate of speakers, scholars- and artists-in-residence, travel, research, internships, fellowships and service-learning opportunities.