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About the Plan


Doug Kimmelman and Peter G. Curran

Dear members of the Blair community,

All In,” Blair Academy’s strategic plan for 2018 to 2025, charts an exciting course for the important and inspired work we will undertake as we write the next chapter in our great School’s nearly 175-year history. Enthusiastically approved by the Blair Board of Trustees at its spring 2019 meeting, our strategic plan builds upon the growth and success Blair has achieved over the past two decades. Honoring and amplifying our core values of relationship-based learning and superior academic preparation, more than 60 Trustees, parents, alumni and faculty members collaborated over the past year to create this plan, which focuses on four key priorities: faculty talent and excellence, forward-thinking programs, our historic and state-of-the-art campus, and Blair’s long-term financial strength.

Our plan focuses first and foremost on people and the powerful teacher-student relationships that form the foundation of great learning and make the Blair experience life-changing. These impactful relationships develop because our outstanding teachers are dedicated to knowing our students well and creating a richly diverse, dynamic and inclusive community where they are challenged and supported in every endeavor. This, in turn, enables our students to more authentically and deeply know themselves so they can make a difference in the lives of others on this campus and far beyond.


The relationships forged between Blair students and teachers are transformative and at the core of what makes Blair the incredibly special place it is, which is why our Plan focuses first and foremost on people. With the support of a diverse and dynamic community of peers and mentors who know them well and challenge them to learn and grow, Blair students develop critical skills that position them for success in college and in life well beyond our hilltop campus.

Peter G. Curran Head of School

Thus, we are committed to recruiting, retaining and investing in the most talented teachers and professional staff, and empowering them with the most effective training, the latest research and the resources they need to do their best work. Such hiring is critical to preparing our students to not only navigate the complex 24/7, global society beyond Blair, but to do so as grounded, resilient, joyful and purposeful young people. Moreover, we are committed to providing financial aid to students from all backgrounds, so they, too, can experience the exceptional relationships, robust and cutting-edge programs, and the diverse and supportive community that distinguish Blair.

Of course, any plan for Blair’s future must consider our beautiful campus, and herein we enumerate several initiatives—some of which are already complete or in progress—designed to further amplify our mission and enhance the experience of learning and living at Blair. Finally and importantly, this plan serves as a commitment to offering an exceptional Blair experience for generations to come by raising endowed funds to support our people, programs and campus and secure the School’s financial future.

We would like to thank the members of the Blair community who diligently served on the strategic plan working groups, participated in meetings and calls, and attended site visits at a variety of our peer schools. Their expertise and input were invaluable in crafting this strategic plan, and their care for Blair Academy is inspirational. This is a dynamic and evolving blueprint for Blair’s future, especially as we look to our 175th anniversary in 2023 and beyond. We are excited and gratified to bring it to fruition.

Doug Kimmelman P’12 ’13 ’15 ’22
Chairman, Board of Trustees

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Peter G. Curran
Head of School