Volunteer Opportunities

Each year, many Blair alumni generously share their time and expertise in support of the School. We are grateful to those alumni who have volunteered in countless ways since their Blair graduations—the success of the School is due, in large measure, to their dedication and focused efforts.

We invite you to explore alumni volunteer opportunities by clicking on the tabs below. If you have questions, please contact Director of Alumni Relations Shaunna Murphy at (908) 362-2047, or murphs@blair.edu.

1848 Society Committee

Named to honor Blair Academy’s founding year, the 1848 Society Committee consists of dedicated volunteers who encourage leadership giving to the Blair Fund. Through their important work, Committee members strive to ensure the continued fulfillment of Blair Academy’s mission.


John E. Alden, Jr. '63 Norman E. Beatty '58
William B. Cramer, Esq. '64 Anne E. Cramer, Esq. '75
Craig U. Dana, Sr. '60 Courtney R. Fritts '56
Dr. Bruce D. Holenstein '78 Willard H. Johnson '62
Stefanie R. Kuhner '96 Willard S. Mahood '60
James H.G. Naisby '57 Robert A. Neff '49
Frederick W. Rose, Esq. '51 Herbert D. Sturman '53
Jon L. Ten Haagen '62 Evelyn B. Tilney '05
Hobart B. Van Deusen '54 Robert L. Van Stone '69
David D. Wakefield '48 Amelia C. Wolfe '85


Board of Governors

The purpose of the Alumni Association Board of Governors is to promote a continuing, meaningful and effective relationship between alumni and the School.

The Board acts as an advisory body to the Head of School, with whom they meet regularly, and also focuses on issues related directly to alumni—such as alumni relations, communication, reunions and fundraising.


2018-2019 AABOG Members

Robert L. Van Stone '69, President Charles H. A. Inkeles '88
Kaitlin G. Maillet Matyasovsky '04, Vice-President Carly E. Kaskel '04
Derek M. Peachey '93, Trustee Liaison Edwina O. Lizardo Orbe '06
Bruce D. Holenstein '78, Secretary Alex S. Motiuk '08
Richard P. Boak '68 James H. G. Naisby '57
Megan H. Brodbeck '96 Daniel H. Smith '09
Laura A. Covucci-Sacks '84 Tamsen I. Thorpe '79
Carl R. Cramer '72 Hobart D. Van Deusen '54
Anthony Z. X. Eu '06 Michelle M. Q. Wu '15


Class Representatives

Class representatives serve as key leaders of Blair’s alumni body as they keep classmates connected to one another and to the School. We are grateful to the many class representatives who generously volunteer their time each year! If you would like to reconnect with old friends and become more involved with your classmates and Blair, please consider becoming a class representative.

Responsibilities of class reps include:

  • Communicate with classmates by letter, email and telephone;
  • Submit Class Notes updates for the Blair Bulletin;
  • Assist in Blair Fund gift solicitations;
  • Help manage your class Facebook page;
  • Write notes of thanks to classmates when warranted;
  • Encourage classmates to visit campus and participate in Blair activities, such as regional dinners, receptions and special events; and
  • Oversee reunion committee, planning and fundraising.



If you are interested in serving as a class representative, please contact:

Cara Mohlmann P'18 '21
Director of Advancement
(908) 362-2031
Colleen Smarth P'18 '20
Director of Annual Giving

(908) 362-2045


Class Representatives 1940-1949
Robert M. Fuller ’42 Martin S. Simon ’48
Robert V. Metz ’44 David D. Wakefield ’48
William Y. Bogle ’45 Arnold T. Koch ’49
Elmer A. Bannan ’47 Robert A. Neff '49
Arnold C. Schneider ’47  
Class Representatives 1950-1959
Eugene Krohn '50 Gene A. Losa ’55
Robert E. Kiley ’51 Nelson P. Cohen ’56
Frederick W. Rose ’51 Courtney R. Fritts ’56
Robert M. Lerner ’52 James H. Naisby '57
Hobart D. Van Deusen '54 Norman E. Beatty ’58
George H. Brooks ’55 Peter J. Cleary ’58
Robert R. Burn '55 William l. Russell III '59



Class Representatives 1960-1969
Philip W. Koebig III ’60 David Sculnick ’66
Willard S. Mahood ’60 Gregory Auger '67
John W. Meinig ’60 Barry Smith '67
Christopher H. Swenson ’60 Larry Snavely '67
Frank H. Briggs ’61 Richard A. Rubin ’68
Mark Gottesman ’62 Raymond T. Bohn ’69
L. Carter Crewe ’63 Robert N. Jenkins ’69
William S. Wildrick ’63 Chris W. Leverich ’69
Courtney West ’64 Frederick l. Mirbach ’69
Don Jay Smith ’65 Keith Patten ’69
Christopher Barrington ’66  
Class Representatives 1970-1979
Alexander J. Sloane ’70 Jennifer A. Woltjen ’75
Michael J. Lieberman ’71 Cornelius E. Sigety ’76
Gregory Washburn ’72 David L. Waddell '76
Pieter Woodcock ’72 Harry D. Gates ’77
Thomas McLean ’73 Lee Horne ’77
Bonnie A. Nault ’73 Richard Luzzi ’77
Josefina I. Iglesias ’74 Douglas Linton ’78
David B. Lieberman ’74 Joseph E. Waddell ’78
John Rea ’74 Kenneth Deneau ’79
Laura C. Morris ’75 Guy Saxton ’79
Robert G. Sigety ’75 Susanne E. Ullmann ’79



Class Representatives 1980-1989
Donna S. Haag '80 Amelia C. Wolfe '85
Katherine T. Henry-Schill ’80 Christian K. Wolfe ’85
Holly Anderson-Bender ’81 Linda M. Fellows ’86
David E. Owen ’81 Julia K. Santella ’86
William H. Abbott ’82 Marnie S. Raines ’87
Marivelle Clavel-Davis ’82 Charles H. Inkeles ’88
William F. Blume ’83 Chrysta A. Argue ’89
Kristine C. Lisi ’84 David T. Low Jr. ’89


Class Representatives 1990-1999
Ned E. Montenecourt ’90 Stefanie R. Kuhner ’96
Todd C. Smith ’90 Summer J. Passannante ’96
Erin M. Cosgrave '91 Anthony C. Powell ’96
Meredith Magrone-Wiacek ’91 Christy L. Burkart ’97
Elizabeth W. Webster ’91 Ryan M. Pagotto ’97
Darryl M. DeMarzio '92 Brian M. Agresta ’98
Carrie Giddins Pergram ’92 Charisse L. Manzi ’98
Bernadette M. Clifford ’93 Jamiyl R. Peters ’98
John J. Inkeles ’93 Megan C. Apgar ’99
Bryan P. Kelly ’94 Bridget D. Hodakowski ’99
John P. Weesner ’94 Amy E. Jablonski ’99
Joanne L. Wrzesinsky ’94 Kathryn S. Piotrowski ’99
Stephanie J. Marcial ’95 Mark T. Rosenthal ’99
E. Courtnay Stanford ’95  



Class Representatives 2000-present
Logan K. Garrels '00 Julian F. Swayze '05
Andrew D. Peters '00 Alexander B. Graber '06
Veronica M. Reo '00 Elizabeth Kaskel '06
Meredith M. Seidel Wells '00 Anne E. Newall '06
Kweighbaye Kotee '01 Anthony Z. Eu '06
Maria Lieberman Smalley '01 Kymbia P. Ainsworth '07
E. Meredith Gal '02 Alison L. Crevi '07
Stephanie A. Garbutt '02 Margaret L. Harding '07
Chelsea N. Grefe '02 Marisa S. Nedderman '07
Jessica A. Hess '03 Cooper A. Smith '07
Brandon D. Lucien '03 Dylan K. Evans '08
Christine L. Nalty '03 Alexa M. Gilmartin '08
Elizabeth J. Ricca '03 Madeline A. Hargis '08
Sarah C. Soden '03 Katherine I. Johnson '08
Stephanie E. Tucker '03 Todd P. Lewis '08
Michael E. Wilson '03 Alex S. Motiuk '08
Matthew J. Dwyer '04 Ashley H. Thompson '08
Kaitlin G. Maillet Matyasovsky '04 Samantha Tilney '08
Philip J. Mauriello '04 Tina A. Tozzi '08
Martha C. Dawson '05 Melissa L. Collins '09
Chris Gatsch '05 Margaret A. DeOliveira '09
Mary Hall '05 Raleigh Dierlam '09
Kathryn G. Nelson '05 Janak Padhiar '09




Class Representatives 2000-present
Sarah E. Bugen '10 Tatiana L. Kalainoff '13
Jin Ryang Chung '10 Dong Hyun Kim '13
Dillon R. Hoffman '10 Madeline M. Kling '13
Rebecca A. Litvin '10 Benjamin Meisel '13
Brittany T. Small '10 Claire M. Ryder '13
Saul Sparber '10 Kyle R. Tierney '13
MIchael DeTogni '10 Demetrius Daltrius '14
Neil Zimmermann '10 Graham Merrifield '14
Anu C. Akinbamidele '11 Sara Moran '14
Emily Collins '11 Abby Troy '14
Margaret B. Hoffman '11 Breanna Cavanaugh '15
Nicholas Hogan '11 Lucy Drinkwater '15
Quinn C. McKay '11 Sophia Elghanayan '15
Rebecca H. Smith '11 Ethan Simon '15
Meredith A. Berry-Toon '12 Shoshana Geller '16
Olivia R. Davis '12 Catharine Berry-Toon '17
Timothy J. Hettinger '12 Christopher Berry-Toon '17
Ali N. Johnson '12 Lauren Tung '17
Max Kaplan '12 Maxwell R. Cavallaro '18
Timothy M. Kui '12 Savannah R. Doelfel '18
Phoebe M. O'Rourke '12 Clara C. McGrath '18
Casondra Peretore '12 Yingjian Pan '18
Hope C. Dawson '13 Ryan Green '19
Rebecca Hargis '13 Cornelia Sigety '19

Reunion Committees

Reunion Committee volunteers work to create meaningful Alumni Weekend experiences for their classmates. Committee members reconnect with classmates, encourage Alumni Weekend attendance and lead their class gift efforts. Blair is grateful to reunion classes for their long tradition of generous donations to the School that commemorate their celebrations and benefit current students and faculty.

Regional Chapters

The goal of the Blair Academy Regional Chapters is to strengthen the commitment between Blair Academy and the alumni in the region through various events and activities.

  • Chapters are formed because alumni have a fondness for Blair Academy and want to foster and maintain their relationship with their alma mater.
  • Regional Chapters will be formed in geographic regions consisting of all alumni in a specific locale.
  • Regional Chapters are committed to connect, engage and involve alumni and friends with Blair, and one another, in support of the School’s mission and goals.
  • Regional Chapters focus on core activities in building relationships between alumni and the entire Blair Academy community.
  • The purpose of the alumni Regional Chapters is to encourage the organized effort of its members to be more knowledgeable and actively support Blair Academy. A chapter that is formed with a basic purpose in mind, and a series of programs that will accomplish this purpose, brings a sense of pride to its member and the School.

Established Chapters: 
Greater New York City 
Greater Philadelphia

To read more about the Regional Chapters or establishing a Regional Chapter in your area, please review our Regional Chapter Handbook

Chapter Forms: 
Regional Chapter Event Request Form
Regional Chapter Event Evaluation Form 

Questions or information to get involved: Contact Shaunna Murphy, director of alumni relations at (908) 362-2047 or murphs@blair.edu.