Girls' Crew earns medals at Garden States and Cooper Cup

Girls' Crew earns medals at Garden States and Cooper Cup
Rhett Moroses
4/30 Crew recap

It was a very exciting weekend for Blair Rowing, as they team competed in the Garden States Championships on Saturday, and the Cooper Cup on Sunday. For the first time in school history, the girls 1V walked away with an open water win to secure the State Championship. The girls 2V and Novice Girls 4+ earned silvers in their respective events. By their first and second-place finishes, the 1V and 2V have earned the opportunity to compete at Scholastic Nationals on May 27 and 28. 

The boys had a great day with the 1V and 2V earning a spot in the A-Final. Blair's novice boys eight had a great race down the course. They were one place shy in qualifying for the afternoon's finals.

On Sunday, the entire squad took to the Cooper Cup after an exciting day at Garden States. The girls 1V and 2V were entered in the top boat category and came in 1st and 3rd respectively. In the A-Final, the Women's 1st Boat took Gold winning the weekend, and the 2V took a very impressive Bronze.

In addition, the girls 3V took gold in their race entered as a 2V, and the Women's Novice 4 also took gold. The girls 4V and novice eight each took third in their events. 

For the boys' the 1V also had to time trial and resulted in one place out of qualifying for the finals, right behind the Hill School. They'll be looking for some redemption this week at MAPLS. The 2V and 3V came in 4th and 4rd in their respective flights. The novice took 5th in their flight for the day.

The team is gearing up for MAPLS this Saturday where the girls will look to retain their title and the boys aiming to take down some of the crews that have bested them earlier in the season.