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In my four years of playing basketball and golf at Blair, I have learned how quickly teammates can turn into your best friends and how much can be accomplished when you collectively set your minds to a goal. Being coached by teachers and houseparents makes the Blair athletic experience extra special because you have such close relationships and spend so much time with those faculty members.

Katie, new jersey

At Blair Academy, athletics are part of the fabric of our community. With 30 varsity and 21 JV and thirds teams and a wide range of recreational activities, our program promotes good health and well-being and cultivates skills that help student-athletes become community-minded leaders who embody integrity, humility, strong work ethic and good sportsmanship.

All Blair students participate in a team sport or activity each afternoon when classes conclude, a routine that underscores the importance of regular exercise and the value of working as a group to achieve individual and shared goals. In competition and practice, Blair athletes learn how to deal with success, handle failure and contribute to a common cause. Because most Blair coaches are also classroom teachers, students and faculty members develop strong relationships across different contexts and settings.

For students who have fulfilled their sports requirement (freshmen, sophomores and juniors must join at least two teams or two theatrical productions), Blair offers a wide range of recreational activities ranging from outdoor skills and spinning to playing in the symphony orchestra and competing in robotics competitions.

Many students find the spirit of competition and sportsmanship contagious and join the Blue Crew to cheer on their classmates, especially at Mid-Atlantic Prep League (MAPL) and state championship games and matches.