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Blair Boys' Crew FAQs

The following questions and answers are intended to share information about Blair crew; the questions presented are the ones raised most often by prospective students who are considering rowing in the spring.

When does the crew season begin and end?
Crew is mainly a spring sport. We have a winter season designed to develop athletes who are trying to compete in the top boats, but our main season begins with our spring trip in Texas. We end after the Stotesbury Regatta, although select crews may compete in the National Championships. We encourage our rowers to pursue national teams and compete in summer rowing.

Is experience necessary?
Most of the students who join Blair crew have little or no experience prior to their first season. One of the best parts about the sport of rowing is the existence of a separate 'novice' category of racing, for those who have never rowed before. While some first year athletes are skilled enough to compete for varsity seats, every first year rower is guaranteed a race against other novice opponents.

What is the general make-up of the team?
The team comprises two groups: novice boys and varsity boys. We have roughly 30 athletes combined in a given year.

Where do you practice?
We have an indoor training room located in the main gymnasium on campus. We use land-based rowing machines and ergometers to teach basic stroke technique and to increase strength and fitness. Our outdoor facility is located on the Paulinskill River, which is about a 15-minute bus ride from campus.

When do we practice?
We practice after classes each day. The team meets at the buses and heads out to the river. Practice runs until dinnertime.

How long are the workouts?
The team works out five days a week for two hours each day. One day each week, we race against opponents in the Mid-Atlantic Prep League (MAPL) and throughout the Northeast. Basically, we expect the team to row six days a week.

Are there any morning workouts?

How many races occur during the season?
Generally, we have seven competitions during the eight-week spring season. If you are part of the novice team, you will race in five to six of these events; as a varsity member, you will race in as many as possible.

What types of championship regattas are possible?
Blair crew attends the Mercer Sprints Regatta, Garden States and the Mid-Atlantic Championships. In addition, the members of the MAPL hold a championship race near the end of the spring. The Blair crew season culminates at the Stotesbury Regatta, where we race against the very best crews from all over the United States and Canada. The top finishers at this regatta have the possibility of continuing at the Scholastic Rowing Nationals in June.

Why row?

It’s a total experience that immerses you. Here are just a few more reasons:

Rowers are the toughest, most determined athletes you will meet!

  • Rowing is for everyone. Your height and size don't matter. If you are interested in us, we are interested in you.
  • It does not matter if you have never played sports before or have never heard of rowing; we will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Rowing works all muscle groups and burns more calories than any other sport or exercise. It is a sport that demands endurance, strength and skill. It requires consummate teamwork and mental toughness.
  • Many universities offer scholarships for crew. Crew is a growing sport on college campuses. Participating in crew can benefit you as you navigate the college admission process.
  • We feel that by rowing, you become not just a better athlete, but a better student and person as well.
  • The team experience forms very close friendships and helps everyone grow dramatically as people. You learn a sense of responsibility toward your boat mates and team, and this transfers to all aspects of life.

Meet the Coaches

Meet Coach Sheppard

A teacher of Latin 1, 2 and 4 at Blair since joining the faculty in 2017, Chris Sheppard holds a bachelor’s degree in classics from the University of Puget Sound (2008) and a master's degree in Greek and Latin languages and literature from the University of Oxford, where he was a member of Merton College (2010). He gained classroom experience as a teacher of ancient Greek to first-year Oxford undergraduates and a substitute Latin teacher at Lakeside School in Seattle, and has also worked as an independent tutor and as an admission counselor and assistant director of admission at the University of Puget Sound. During his undergraduate days, Chris was a coxswain for the men’s varsity rowing team and led the first-ever boat in Puget Sound’s history to compete at the IRA National Championship Regatta. He coaches rowing and oversees recreational skiing at Blair, and he resides and serves dorm duty in Mason Hall.

Contact Coach Sheppard at for any questions.

Meet Coach Hoyer

Assistant boys’ crew coach Molly Hoyer joined Blair's faculty as an English teacher in 2018 after earning a bachelor’s degree from Wellesley College in Comparative Literature, with a focus on French and Arabic language in North African literature. After starting as a novice on the rowing team in the fall of her first year, Molly went on to row for the next four years. She competed in the team's first varsity eight at each NCAA Division III championship, including the varsity eight that won the NCAA Division III championship in 2016. Molly teaches English 2 and 3, and in addition to coaching rowing, will be the assistant coach for the JV field hockey team in the fall; she lives in Ivy Hall, and serves dorm duty in Ivy and Locke.  



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Team News

News & Recaps

Past Results

Spring 2019

Opponent Date Time Advantage Result Score Status
Hill School
Home Loss 0-3
Mercer Lake Sprints
Garden Scholastics @ Camden County Boathouse
MAPLs @ Mercer Lake
Away 4th Place
Mid-Atlantic Junior Regionals
Mid-Atlantic Junior Regionals
Stotesbury Cup Regatta

Spring 2018

Opponent Date Result Score
Garden Scholastics @ Camden County Boathouse
1st Place
Stotesbury Cup Regatta
3rd Place

Spring 2017

Date Opponent Location Start Info
4/1 Peddie Away 3:00 pm
4/8 Overpeck Regional Regatta Away 1V4 - 3rd - 2V4 - 1st
4/22 Mercer Sprints @ Mercer Lake Away 4th-
5/6 MAPLs @ Peddie Away 3rd-
5/13 Mid-Atlantic Championships Away 1V4 - 8th -2V4 -6th
5/19 Stotesbury Regatta Away 5th-

Spring 2016

Date Opponent Location Time Results
4/2 Peddie Away 4:00 pm W
4/10 Manny Flick Regatta Away 6th Place
4/16-4/17 Mercer Sprints Away 9th Place
5/7-5/8 Mid-Atlantic Championships Away 2nd Place
5/14 MAPLs @ Mercer Lake Away 3:00 pm 3rd Place
5/19-5/21 Stotesbury Regatta Away 5th Place
6/9-6/11 Youth Nationals Away 20th Place

Spring 2015

Date Opponent Location Time Results
4/12 Manny Flick Regatta Away 9:30 am
4/18 Mercer Sprints Away
4/19 Mercer Sprints Away
4/22 Peddie Away Canceled
5/2 MAPLs Away 5:00 pm G: 2nd Place
5/9 Mid-Atlantic Championships Away
5/10 Mid-Atlantic Championships Away
5/14 Stotesbury Regatta Away
5/15 Stotesbury Regatta Away
5/16 Stotesbury Regatta Away