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Swim Program (Boys' & Girls') FAQs

The following questions and answers introduce you to the swimming program at Blair. These questions are often raised by prospective students who are considering the swim team at Blair Academy.

When does the swim season begin/end?
The swim season begins two days after the conclusion of the fall sports season; this is usually about November 15. The season ends about February 18 with the state prep meet.

Is experience necessary?
Although most of the students who come out for the team have had competitive swimming experience at either the club, age-group or high-school level, there are others who have had no formal competitive experience. However, those who lack competitive experience have a strong interest and ability in recreational swimming.

What is the general make-up of the team?
Usually, there are about 28 swimmers equally divided between girls and boys.

How are practices organized?
Boys and girls work out as a single team with the most experienced swimmers in one lane and beginners in another. Each lane has an individualized workout matched to the ability and stroke capabilities of the swimmers in that lane.

How hard are the workouts?
The team works out for about 100 minutes per day, six days a week. The most experienced swimmers swim about 5,000 yards per day and beginners about 3,500 yards.

Are there morning workouts?
No. You will need your sleep after a full "Blair day."

How many dual meets are there during the season?
There are about 10 dual meets during the season. Depending on the number of swimmers, the boys and girls swim as separate teams in dual meets; in these meets, boys' and girls' events alternate.

What type of championship meets are available?
Near the end of the season, we compete in the Mid-Atlantic Prep League (MAPL) tournament. The season concludes for most of the team with the state prep swimming championships held in mid-February. The Eastern Interscholastic Swimming Championship for both girls and boys takes place at the end of February; this meet is held at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania
and includes the top prep school swimmers in the eastern United States.

What is the general ability of the swimmers on the team?
The ability of the swimmers varies dramatically from year to year. To view the school's records, click the "School Records" tab above. To view the team's past results, click the "Past Results" tab above.

How can I find out more about the swimming program at Blair?
Please feel free to contact head coach aroline Wilson at (908) 362-6121, ext. 5668. She would be delighted to speak with prospective students or meet with them during a campus visit.

Meet the Coaches

Meet Coach Wilson

Caroline Wilson joined the admission office in 2013 after receiving her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. At Williams, Caroline was a member of the varsity swim team, where in addition to being named the NCAA Division III swimmer of the year in 2013, she was a 13-time Division III National Champion and a seven-time Division III NCAA national record holder. In addition to working in the admission office and teaching Advanced Placement Psychology at Blair, Caroline coaches the varsity swim team in the winter and the girls' JV lacrosse team in the spring. She lives in Insley Hall, where she also does dorm duty.

Contact Coach Wilson at wilsoca@blair.edu for any questions.

Meet Coach Brandwood

, appointed in 1985, teaches freshman- and senior-level English. He graduated from the University of Wales U.K., with a BA and earned a postgraduate certificate in education from Leicester University, U.K., followed by an MA in English from Middlebury College. Prior to coming to Blair, Bob taught English in a government school in northern England and also worked for two years teaching English in a small village school on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. During his tenure at Blair, Bob has taught at every grade level and had a hand in shaping the course of study currently adopted by the English department. He has also coached swimming and boys' soccer since his arrival at school.

Meet Coach Lavalle

Kate Lavalle holds a bachelor’s degree in French language and literature (2006) and master’s degree in French literature and culture (2008) from Boston College. She also earned an MAT from Regis College and taught for 10 years as a part of the French immersion program in the public schools of Milton, Massachusetts. Kate joined Blair’s language faculty in 2018 as a French teacher and swimming coach. Her husband, Tom Pomeroy, is the School’s operations analyst.

Meet Coach Towne

Language teacher Mitchell Towne joined Blair’s faculty in 2019 after spending three years in Rome with the Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study. As part of this nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading access to the study of Latin and ancient Greek, Mitchell led classical tours around Italy, Greece and Sicily and taught in language programs. He is a 2016 graduate of Williams College with a bachelor’s degree in classics. A varsity swimmer at Williams, Mitchell coaches swimming and track at Blair.



View directions to athletic events. To read recaps about past events, go to the "Team News" tab above.

Opponent Date Time Advantage Result Score Status
Hill Relays
Gill St. Bernard's
High Point/Wallkill Valley
Rutgers Prep
Jefferson Township High School
Newton High School
Pope John
MAPLs @ Mercersburg
Boys States @ L'ville
Girls States @ L'ville


Name Class Hometown
Alexander Bean 2023 Shanghai
Macarena Borbon Casasus 2023 Coronado, CA
Nathaniel Castimore 2020 Augusta, NJ
Maya Ciminello 2023 Saddle River, NJ
Colette Cipriano 2023 Colts Neck, NJ
Seleena Desai 2023 Ramsey, NJ
Caelan Folino 2022 Princeton, NJ
Paige Folli 2023 Hoboken, NJ
Yuyi Huang 2023 Shanghai
Anna Insana 2021 Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Mia Leddy 2023 Hackettstown, NJ
Jiale Lin 2022 Putian
Shikun Liu 2022 Beijing
Rintaro Mori 2023 Tokyo
Patrick Plum 2021 Southampton, NY
Peyton Schreiber 2022 Andover, NJ
Annele Sipols 2021 Sparta, NJ
Joseph Stockhausen 2020 Randolph, NJ
Dianya Tan 2021 Shenzhen, Guangdong
Miki Wang 2021 El Paso, TX
Camille Williams 2020 Greenwich, CT
Haoxiang Zhang 2022 Brookline, MA

Team News

News & Recaps


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View more photos from the 2019-2020 season on Blair's Photoshelter or past years on Blair's Flickr.

Past Results

Winter 2018-2019

Opponent Date Result Score
Newton High School DD
Loss Girls - 58-110; Boys - 55-111
Gill St. Bernard's
Loss Girls: 81-82; Boys: 68-75
Loss Girls: 76-86; Boys: 70-91
Pennington DD
Loss Girls’: 50-110; Boys’: 49-102
Rutgers Prep DD
Girls: 99-68; Boys: 59-105
Pope John
Loss Girls: 63-101; Boys: 54-110
MAPLs @ Peddie
6th Place
Boys States @ Lawrenceville
4th Place
Girls States @ Lawrenceville
7th Place

Winter 2017-2018

Opponent Date Result Score
Win 87-69, 95-72
Win 107-63
Newton High School
Loss 143-185
High Point, Wallkill Valley
Boys: 70-95, Girls: 79-91
Delbarton School
Loss 66-104

Winter 2016-2017

Date Opponent Location Time Results
12/3 Pennington Away 2:00 pm Boys: 71.5-98.5-Girls: 54-116 L
12/7 Vernon Home 4:15 pm Boys: 113-43-Girls: 101-69 W
12/10 Hill Relays Away 1:30 pm
1/6 Kittatinny Regional H.S. Home 4:15 pm Boys 85-85 T -Girls 71-98 L
1/11 Hun Home 4:00 pm 99-71 W
1/14 Stuart (Girls) Home 3:30 pm PPD
1/18 Pope John Home 4:15 pm Boys W 97 - 73 -Girls L 52-116
1/25 High Point/Wallkill Home 4:15 pm Boys W 105-56-Girls L 71-99
2/4 MAPLs @ Peddie Away 2:00 pm
2/7 Boys States @ Lawrenceville Away 2:00 pm
2/8 Girls States @ Lawrenceville Away 1:30 pm
2/11 Stuart (Girls) Home 4:00 pm Canc.
2/24 Easterns @ Franklin & Marshall College Away
2/25 Easterns @ Franklin & Marshall College Away

School Records

Boys' School Records

Event Date Time Holder
200 Medley Relay 2/24/85 1:43.5 Molgen, Ament, Dusek, Gwynne.B.
200 Freestyle 2/21/92 1:41.8 Passannante
200 Individual Medley 1/15/86 1:59.0 Rutherfurd
50 Free 1/24/86 21.2 Rutherfurd
100 Fly 2/7/86 52.0 Rutherfurd
100 Free 2/22/92 46.7 Passannante
500 Free 2/13/85 4:44.6 Molgen
200 Free Relay 2/16/18 1:31.43 Lawless, Leddy, Choi, Brooks
100 Back 2/7/07 54.1 Skoda
100 Breaststroke 2/7/86 59.8 Rutherfurd
400 Free Relay 2/17/18 3:19.17 Brooks, Leddy, Choi, Lawless

Boys' Pool Records

Event Date Time Holder
200 Medley Relay 1/08/85 1:44.6 Pennington
200 Freestyle 2/9/85 1:46.8 Molgen (Blair)
200 Individual Medley 1/15/86 1:59.0 Rutherfurd (Blair)
50 Free 12/02/17 20.83 Curtis, Pennington
100 Fly 2/7/86 52.0 Rutherfurd (Blair)
100 Free 1/18/86 47.0 Rutherfurd (Blair)
500 Free 12/7/84 4:48.0 Molgen (Blair)
200 Free Relay 12/7/15 1:34.44 Newton
100 Back 2/7/07 54.1 Skoda (Blair)
100 Breaststroke 2/7/86 59.8 Rutherfurd (Blair)
400 Free Relay 12/02/17 3:23.28 Pennington

Girls' School Records

Event Date Time Holder
200 Medley Relay 2/16/18 1:54.69 Williams, Will, Insana, Myrie
200 Freestyle 2/15/19 1:57.05 Insana
200 Individual Medley 1/10/18 2:07.82 Summer Will
50 Free 2/20/15 24.71 Middleton
100 Butterfly 2/17/10 58.90 Anderson
100 Free 2/21/15 53.88 Middleton
500 Free 2/16/19 5:11.49 Insana
200 Free Relay 2/16/19 1:44.80 Williams, Ninomiya, Insana, Will
100 Back 2/21/09 1:00.05 Anderson
100 Breaststroke 2/25/17 1:06.22 Summer Will
400 Free Relay 2/22/14 3:48.94 Shi, Garvey, S. Lawless, Middleton

Girls' Pool Records

Event Date Time Holder
200 Medley Relay 1/16/10 1:57.2 Pennington
200 Freestyle 12/9/87 1:56.9 Ryan (Mo-Beard)
200 Individual Medley 1/10/18 2:12.40 Summer Will (Blair)
50 Free 12/3/13 25.30 Pilgrim (Pope John)
100 Fly 3/13/76 57.0 Soden (MTCL)
100 Free 1/29/96 55.2 Lloyd (Mo-Beard)
500 Free 12/9/87 5:10.6 Ryan (Mo-Beard)
200 Free Relay 2/13/99 1:45.4 Hill School
100 Back 2/8/07 1:02.9 Anderson (Blair)
100 Breaststroke 2/8/19 1:05.89 Summer Will (Blair)
400 Free Relay 1/29/96 3:44.8 Mo-Beard