The Blair Leadership Stories Project. Because great leaders are great storytellers.

What Do I Stand For?

About the Blair Leadership Stories Project

Effective leaders are authentic storytellers who can meaningfully communicate their values and the reasoning behind their decisions — a critical skill that will serve Blair graduates well as they face the challenges of college and life. The Blair Leadership Stories Project enhances our students' communication skills by giving them the tools to articulate personal strengths in confident and compelling ways. Storytellers craft and share on film personal narratives that encourage them to consider what they stand for as individuals.

The Leadership Stories Project is a central component of the Blair LEADS curriculum, a four-year program that emphasizes leadership communications, global engagement, self awareness, ethical decision-making and service. Blair LEADS begins in ninth-grade English classes, where freshmen engage in values exploration and record a narrative in which they reflect on a choice or challenge they have faced or resolved while staying true to their personal beliefs.

Before they graduate, seniors once again explore their values, craft a story and film a personal narrative with their classmates. Bookending the experience in this way allows our students to assess their personal growth during their time at Blair.

Recent Blair graduates affirm that this emphasis on public speaking and character has served them well in college and beyond. The practical experience of having filmed a powerful personal statement has paid dividends in everything from crafting college essays and defending a thesis to interviewing for a job and communicating with colleagues in large groups and one-on-one professional settings.

At its heart, The Blair Leadership Stories Project's ultimate aim is to bring the entire Blair community together to share and celebrate our School's enduring legacy of helping students become people of exceptional character, intellect and achievement. That's why we invite all members of Blair's extended family— parents, alumni, faculty and Trustees—to develop, record and add their own stories to our growing archive.

These are our leadership stories. Together, they form Blair's story and show us how, by holding true to our values, culture and traditions while looking boldly to the future, our students and our School will continue to lead.

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