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College Counseling

One often forgets that college is merely a means to end, not an end unto itself. Blair knows its students well and helps them find the right colleges, where they can develop their full potential and enjoy the experience. Our counselor really understood what our son wanted and guided him through the college application process in a way that we would not have found anywhere else.

Doug & Nancy Roberts, New Jersey

A Blair education, with components dedicated to intellectual, physical, artistic and spiritual growth, prepares all of our students for phenomenal future homes, and our college counseling team shares a fit-first philosophy. We strive to help students identify the best homes—the best college fit—in this highly individualized, high-touch process of self-discovery. And while students work with a primary counselor to receive this level of attention and care, we also work collaboratively to weave together our own skills, backgrounds, talents, interests and, yes, even our unique stories to best support all of our students at Blair on this journey. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of us on the college counseling team. We’re always happy to chat with you, share information and resources, and answer your questions. 

Niki Applebaum '01
Dean of College Counseling