This e-newsletter is sent to all Blair parents by Associate Head of School Ryan Pagotto. The goal of the monthly communication is to keep parents abreast of what's happening in the Blair community and, hopefully, set their minds at ease during times of the year that can be challenging.

From September to May, new issues of From Hilltop to Home are posted here. If you have questions, comments or suggestions related to these letters, please contact Mr. Pagotto at

The Arch with snow and wreath

One of the measures we took this fall to protect our “bubble” was to conduct all admission interviews and tours virtually. Any one of our admission officers could regularly be seen walking around campus with his or her phone, laptop or tablet in hand, offering prospective students a sense of the people and place on our hilltop. As we lifted some campus restrictions in late October, we offered prospective families Sunday driving tours of campus as well.

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Campus aerial photo

In a normal year, we would be looking ahead to our annual Halloween “family-style” dinner in the Romano Dining Hall. Our checklist would include adding a few extra folding tables to accommodate day students who wished to join i

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Fall Campus

“It’s not all that bad!”

This is the response I’ve received when I’ve asked students, “How’s it going?” over the last few days. And I’ll take it! As a parent and person who has worked with teenagers for many years, I know it is far better than “fine,” and likely more of an honest response than “Oh, Mr. Pagotto, everything is perfect, thank you for all that you and the administrative team did to bring us safely back to school.”

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