Students walk across campus to class.
Students hang out in the Black Canteen after class.
Convocation 2021
A Kathryn Hall girls' dorm room.
Students make smores over a firepit during orientation.

Student Life

2019 Vespers
Headmasters' Society Games
Students walk to Armstrong-Hipkins Center for the Arts for school meeting.
International Weekend 2020
A student exits Clinton Hall after classes.
Preseason registration 2022
Students rush Sharpe House during Soccerfest 2021.
Students cheer in the stands at Soccerfest 2021.
Students paint their faces before Soccerfest 2021.
Prefects post for a photo during registration day.
Students enjoy the soap slide on Super Sunday 2021
Blair students roast marshmallows during orientation 2021.
Blair fans cheer during Soccerfest 2021.
Students participate in an egg toss on Super Sunday 2021
Students play basketball in the Shipyard.
Students perform during Blairstock 2022.
Students walk across campus to class.
Students hug before Commencement 2022.
Blair students pose for a photo before prom.
A Kathryn Hall girls' dorm room.
A Kathryn Hall girls' dorm room.

Blair is passionate about relationships. The size of our campus and student body are perfect for building strong connections with teachers and classmates. Our community is also incredibly diverse, and this combination creates an extremely supportive environment and an interesting experience.

Nami, south korea

Our vibrant community is warm and welcoming, and students are supported and celebrated for their achievements in the classroom and beyond. Living in a dorm with classmates and faculty members from all over the world teaches students to develop and maintain strong relationships, solve problems and manage their time well. Our dorms become a “home away from home,” and the depth of relationships forged in our residence halls gives students the confidence to try new things and become engaged and service-minded citizens eager to seek out leadership roles.

Outside of classes, the community comes together regularly for family-style meals, School Meetings and Chapels, athletic competitions, Society of Skeptics lectures, concerts, art exhibits, theatrical productions, weekend activities and off-campus excursions. With a wide range of formal clubs and activities from which to choose, students discover new passions and learn to find balance among academics, scholarly public service, athletics, artistic endeavors, extracurriculars and social obligations as they settle into their Blair routines.

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