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Seeing what my teachers are like outside of the classroom gives me confidence and makes me comfortable asking questions. They are accessible and that makes all the difference.

Kevin, Pennsylvania

Living in a dorm among peers and teachers from more than 25 countries teaches students to connect and relate to others of diverse backgrounds, develop cultural awareness and resolve conflicts—all tools that will help them successfully navigate life in college and beyond.

Most students live with a roommate, although there are a few single rooms, and housemasters ensure dorms are spirited communities conducive to study but also fun places where residents can relax and engage with their classmates and teachers. The result is a supportive environment where lifelong friendships are forged.

Regardless of whether students are boarders or day students, our residential life program encourages them to broaden their horizons and explore new interests. Blair’s campus offers an incredible wealth of opportunities for engagement: Students can write essays or articles for The Oracle or host its Internet radio station, perform community service on campus or at a range of area nonprofits, run for student government or compete as part of the debate team.

No matter what your interests, you will find your niche at Blair. And, in the unlikely event you can’t find an existing club or organization that strikes your interest, our faculty members will encourage you to create one.

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