Health Center FAQs

Where is the Health Center located?

The J. Brooks Hoffman ’36 Health Center is located between the Romano Dining Hall and the Chiang Center for Innovation and Collaboration.

When school is in session, nursing staff are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  A treatment and evaluation area is available for walk-ins daily from 7:30 a.m. to 10:45 p.m. and overnight or temporary admissions stay in the 16-bed inpatient unit.

What services does the Health Center offer?

The Health Center provides nursing care (during the day and overnight, if needed), management of minor illness and injuries, first aid, gynecology services, sexual health counseling, drug and alcohol testing, wellness information, assistance with arranging outside specialist appointments, orthopedic consultation with the school orthopedist, and assistance with arranging mental health services.

What medical professionals staff the Health Center?

When school is in session, a full staff of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses skilled in adolescent health needs are working around the clock. In addition, appointments can be scheduled with Director of Health Services Tara Parker, APN, NP-C, or with the school physician Jeffrey Merkle, MD.

Where can I find medical forms and immunization requirements?

Please click here to access the Magnus Health Forms.

Before each academic year begins, parents/guardians must complete health forms for their child. Please note that we accept only Blair physical forms, which can be printed from Magnus and brought to your healthcare provider. All forms in Magnus must be completed prior to August 1.

What is the health history update?

The state of New Jersey requires that a nine-question health history update be completed prior to the start of every sporting season, regardless of whether your child participates in a team sport or activity. You can locate the fall, winter and spring “Health History Update” forms in Magnus.

What if my boarding student child becomes ill while at school?

Boarding students who are too ill to attend classes must report to the Health Center fully dressed before their first obligation. No class excuses will be given by the Health Center to students who fail to report before classes begin. 

What if my day student child becomes ill while at school?

If a day student becomes ill at school, they are to report to the Health Center and our staff will contact the parent/guardian, who is expected to pick up or arrange for someone else to pick up their child.

Parents of day students are expected to arrange medical care for their child off campus.

Medical appointments should be scheduled either during breaks or after academic obligations.

What should my child do if he or she has been ill away from school and then returns to campus?

When illness keeps a student away from school, students are expected to report to the Health Center when they return to campus. All instructions from a healthcare provider must be provided to the Health Center in writing (i.e., activity restrictions, medications, etc).

When visiting your healthcare provider, please print and bring along this form.

What is the process for picking up my child for an off-campus appointment?

When picking your child up from campus, it is the parent’s responsibility to sign your child in and out of the Health Center. All instructions received during the visit from a healthcare provider must be in writing (i.e., activity restrictions, medications, etc).

If my child boards, how will he or she get to off-campus medical appointments?

If your child is a boarding student and requires medical services off campus, the Health Center will arrange for your child to be transported to the appointment by a paid driver. Students are not accompanied at off-campus appointments by a Blair faculty or staff member.

The driver will escort your child into the reception/waiting room of the facility. The driver will not be present when your child is seeing the provider or having a test/procedure.

Information from the appointment is communicated to the Health Center staff in writing from the treating location/provider. Parents are invited to call a provider/location where their child has been treated to speak directly with the treating provider if they wish.

The driver will then escort the student back to the nurse’s station at the Health Center on campus. The Health Center staff will contact parents to communicate information about the appointment.

Parents are always encouraged to obtain routine healthcare for their child during the summer or over breaks and may always opt to take their child to an appointment themselves.

What should my child do if he or she takes medication?

Medications are to be stored at the Health Center. Students may not have prescription or over-the-counter medications in their rooms. The only exceptions are “rescue inhalers” for asthma, EpiPens, insulin, multivitamins and birth control pills, for which the student’s healthcare provider must complete and file a medical order form with the Health Center.

To order medication, please print and submit this form.

At what pharmacy should I set up an account for my child?

During the academic year, the Health Center will obtain both over-the-counter and prescription medications for your child from North Warren Pharmacy, which is located a few miles from campus and has had a long-term relationship with Blair Academy. Please set up your account before your child arrives at school by calling (908) 362-5156 or by mailing your information to 155 Route 94 North, Blairstown, NJ 07825. The pharmacy will not dispense any medication without prior payment.