Organizations & Clubs

The Blair experience is truly one-of-a-kind. You don’t just become part of a school; you become part of a family. In your dorm, classes and activities, you will always find someone who makes you feel like you are at home. In this way, Blair Academy provides an experience that simply cannot be matched elsewhere.Kathleen, New jersey

There is no shortage of activities in which you can become involved at Blair. With clubs ranging from the academic to the artistic to the avant-garde, our extracurricular offerings give students many opportunities to explore new interests and step outside of their comfort zones.

These activities and clubs are just a selection of those that have been active on campus in recent years—some of which were created by current students who found like-minded classmates and faculty members who shared their interests.

A Cappella

This student-run group performs at many School functions throughout the year, ranging from routine events such as Friday School Meeting to more formal occasions such as Trustee dinners and receptions. The boys and girls sometimes separate into male and female sub-groups called “The Tweeds” and “The Dames.”

Academic Honor Committee

Juniors and seniors who wish to serve on this committee self-nominate, and the Dean of Academics chooses members on an annual basis. The committee hears cases of academic dishonesty and provides peer feedback, making recommendations about consequences.


The ACTA is the school’s yearbook. Junior and senior editors work throughout the year to produce a 230-page book of memories that is dedicated to a faculty member and distributed to the student body at the end of the school year.

Advancement Ambassadors

Sophomores, juniors and seniors who apply and are accepted for this position serve as the bridge between the School and the greater Blair community. Through their work with the advancement and alumni relations offices, these ambassadors help to build stronger connections with Blair alumni, current students and friends through a variety of outreach activities.

American Sign Language Club

Members of this club not only learn and practice sign language, but also raise awareness about the challenges hearing-impaired individuals face. To make the issue more visible around campus, the club arranges for members to sign during some weekend activities and School Meetings.

Bake a Difference

This club has bake sales throughout the year to benefit various worthy causes, including combating childhood hunger.

Between the Lines

Under the direction of the English Department and senior editors, Blair’s annual literary magazine publishes a compilation of outstanding student writing and artwork. For students who want an opportunity to write outside of a formal publication setting, there is also a Blair Writing Club.

Blair Academy Dancers (BAD) & Dance Company

BAD is a student-run club that stages a number of choreographed performances at pep rallies and other school gatherings throughout the year. Blair also offers dance as an after-school activity run by a professionally trained faculty member.

Blair Eats

What started as a student-run Instagram account where community members could submit photos of their meals for publication became a formal club of foodies who meet once-a-month and often go into New York City to try high-quality restaurants.

Blair International Awareness Club (BIAC)

BIAC brings together Blair’s international students and their classmates from the United States to learn about each other’s cultures, promote inclusion and plan community-wide events, such as International Weekend.

Big Brothers & Big Sisters Program

Blair’s Blue & White Key Society pairs all incoming freshmen with a big brother or big sister in the senior class who helps them adjust to life on the hilltop. Big brothers and sisters reach out to their 9th-grader over the summer months before he or she arrives on campus. Once the school year begins, upperclassmen help new students get acquainted with Blair at events such as ice cream socials and boarding-game nights.

Blair Girls Who Code

This club was started at Blair after a representative from the national organization of the same name visited the Society of Skeptics to talk about how Girls Who Code is inspiring and equipping high school girls to pursue careers in engineering and technology. Members follow along with the national organization’s coursework as they learn different programming languages.

Blair Oracle

The Blair Oracle is a student-run online publication that features work from members of the community, including news, essays, artwork, fiction and commentary. The Blair Breeze, the School's longstanding student-run, print-based news publication, was incorporated into The Oracle in 2016. For students who want an opportunity to write outside of a formal publication setting, there is also a Writing Club.

Blue & White Key Society

Leadership, honor and service are the three core values of this service organization. Members are nominated by their advisors and serve as leaders across campus, including as ambassadors at large campus gatherings such as Parents’ Weekend, Alumni Weekend and graduation. The Society also sponsors the Big Brothers & Big Sisters program.

Blue Crew

The "Blue Crew"—Blair's most enthusiastic student supporters, who show their school pride by painting their faces, donning their best "Blair wear" and cheering the School's 26 varsity and 19 JV and thirds teams to victory—is a fixture at Blair athletic contests. Headed by a male and female member of the senior class, the group's energy and passion for Blair athletics is contagious, particularly when the Bucs are playing on Blair's all-weather turf field under the lights.

Book Club

Members choose a book, read it in their spare time, and meet to discuss its themes and key takeaways. Typically, a student leader works with the Director of Timken Library to run the club and identify interesting reads that will pique members’ interests.

Christian Fellowship

This group provides a supportive environment for examining questions of faith, meeting informally for a variety of activities ranging from social events to worship and study.

Debate Team

An official after-school activity, Blair’s debate team competes in local and regional tournaments with the goal of improving members’ writing and public speaking skills, as well as broadening their knowledge of current events.

Diplomacy Club

At first glance, one may not think the fate of 1870s colonial Europe was being decided in the halls of Blair, but for those in the Diplomacy Club, world domination is a common conversation topic. Club members represent various nineteenth-century powers and strategically move armies around global supply centers with the blessing or opposition of their counterparts. Representatives from each country negotiate to ally, battle or remain docile in an attempt to gain the most ground.

Dodgeball Club

Members of this club meet weekly to play dodgeball in Hardwick Hall’s Field House.

Do Stuff Club

Students in this club literally “do stuff” in the local area, exploring museums, engaging in activities, trying new restaurants and supporting small businesses.

Drone Club

Club members learn to fly a drone and operate its camera. For those who don’t have a drone of their own, the club supplies parts and encourages members to build their own devices. Aerial Drone Club footage of campus and community events is often shown at School Meeting and shared in the Blair Oracle.


This longstanding Blair club promotes the understanding of and commitment to global and local environmental causes. Members encourage the Blair community to act as stewards of the environment; educate and raise consciousness about conservation efforts and sustainable living; and craft solutions to ongoing environmental concerns to reduce Blair’s ecological footprint. Among Earthshine’s activities: helping to tend to Blair’s hydroponic garden, which was built in 2015 and which regularly provides produce for dining hall meals and catered campus events, and challenging classmates to reduce paper and plastic waste by trading these products for reusable ones.

Figure Drawing Club

This extracurricular art opportunity gives students the chance to hone their figure-drawing skills at regular Friday-night meetings that often include real-life models.


Club members gain hands-on technical experience by providing audio-visual support for events such as School Meeting, Chapel, Society of Skeptics lectures, pep rallies, and anything else requiring lighting, sound or video.

Frisbee Club

Members of this club encourage students to mix and mingle as they play Ultimate Frisbee and challenge each other on Blair’s Frisbee Golf Course.

Gay-Straight Alliance

This student-run group offers members a safe space to discuss issues related to gender identity and sexuality, as well as challenges faced by the LGBTQ community. Members promote support, awareness and acceptance across campus and beyond, sponsoring a series of events and gatherings that celebrate diversity, individuality and inclusivity.

Girl Up Club

This group is a campus chapter of a national organization that focuses on supporting girls who don’t have access to quality education and healthcare, particularly in developing countries. Members host fundraisers to raise money and awareness by sponsoring dress-down days, movie nights and other community events.

Healthy Relationships Committee

Students who sit on the HRC are self-nominated and selected by the student life office to give peers feedback before communication or behavioral issues become disciplinary matters. The HRC also promotes harmony and well-being within the community by sponsoring events throughout the year designed to unify students and faculty.

Investment Club

This club comprises students who show a penchant for understanding financial markets and economics. With guidance from student leaders and a faculty advisor, participants develop and manage their own investment portfolio, as well as a collective portfolio for the entire club.

Jewish Student Union

An informal association of students and faculty of Jewish faith, this group also includes non-Jewish community members who are interested in learning more about Judaism.

La Conexión

This community-service club tutors Spanish-speaking students in nearby Newton, New Jersey, with the goal of helping immigrants for whom English is a second language to assimilate to learning and living in the United States.

Library Volunteers

This group of students assists by manning the front desk during nightly study hall hours. They are a valuable source of help to the library faculty and staff members.

Maker Space Technicians

Although it is used by a wide range of classes during the academic day, the Chiang Center’s maker space is open to the entire Blair community for use in the afternoons, evenings and on weekends. Student projects run the gamut from simple T-shirts produced by the dye sublimation system to complex design projects that begin on a computer and come to life using 3D printers, the laser engraving system or the vinyl cutter.

To help students become more comfortable using the tools in this laboratory/workshop and assist them in organizing and executing their projects, a group of student volunteers rotates in working in the maker space, with one or two students “on duty” during one evening study hall per week. At that time, Blair’s maker space technicians guide their peers, offering suggestions and answering questions.

Math Team

Students interested in mathematics have numerous opportunities to learn and solve problems outside of the classroom. Blair’s math team annually competes in six MathLeague contests, as well as Princeton University’s PuMac competition and Lehigh University’s High School Math contest. In addition, some students take the American Math Competition and American Invitational Math Exam.

Model UN

Blair students regularly participate in annual Model UN programs at Columbia University and Cornell University, where they gain experience in debating and solving real-world international issues in fast-paced, crisis committee settings.

Peer tutors

The Dean of Academics chooses several Blair students to offer assistance to their peers in specific academic disciplines, which has been an effective resource, particularly in foreign languages.


This diversity and inclusion club encourages all members of the Blair community to embrace their classmates and teachers, regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation or gender.

Philosophy Club

Members meet regularly to discuss theories and literature as they explore some of the major schools of philosophy.

Photography Club

This club gives students of all skill levels an opportunity to further their interest in photography. Amateur and experienced club members shoot a wide range of Blair athletic events and activities, frequently displaying their work around campus and sharing their favorite images on the club's social media platforms.

Robotics Team

The Blair robotics team designs, builds, programs and operates robots to compete in the FIRSTTech Challenge, a head-to-head, alliance-format competition. Each season, the students participating in this after-school activity respond to a problem posed by the FIRSTTech Challenge. Members have wide latitude in creatively developing robotic solutions using off-the-shelf and custom hardware, and the team engages in extensive programming that results in their robots moving autonomously and in response to remote-controls.

Rules & Discipline Committee

Self-nominated students who are selected for this committee convene when a fellow student has broken the rules and is liable for dismissal from Blair--or in instances where the infraction in question is a grey area that would benefit from peer and teacher analysis. Meetings involve a panel of at least four students and four faculty members, who will hear from and question the student under review, offer feedback and recommend a disciplinary course of action to Blair’s Head of School as he makes his final decision.

Service Corps

This club works to develop and facilitate community service activities for Blair and the community beyond. Regular activities include volunteering in the classrooms of a local elementary school, tutoring at a weekly after-school program, making fleece blankets for children in hospitals and gleaning produce from nearby farms for local food pantries.

Student government

Each class elects a Class Council to represent them at the school-wide level; these groups interface with the administration and voice the concerns of classmates, as well as plan events designed to boost school spirit and community engagement.

Tour guides

Led by Blair juniors and seniors who serve as head tour guides, these students come from a variety of backgrounds and interests, but they all love Blair and enjoy sharing their experiences with prospective families. Throughout the year, these student leaders give hundreds of campus tours and work with admission officers to answer families’ questions, both on campus and at admission fairs.

Ukulele Club

Members of this club share a love of this unusual instrument and play together at every opportunity. Those who don’t know how to play are welcome to join; the club offers newcomers lessons so they, too, can join in the fun.

West Indian Dance & Zumba Club

In addition to dancing and doing zumba as a group, this club seeks to expose the rest of the Blair community to different types of dance, music and food from Latin cultures at club-sponsored events such as its winter carnivàle.