All In The Campaign for Blair Academy 2018-2025
Team Howard wins the 2023 Headmasters' Societies Games.
Students mulching during Day of Service
Peddie Cup Presentation 2023
soccerfest fans
Students gather for International Weekend in the CECIC

School Traditions

The best part about Peddie Week and the Headmasters' Societies Games is that they bring our community together. We unite against a common rival in our quest for the Kelley-Potter Cup, and it's a special experience to engage in longstanding Peddie Week traditions. For Headmasters' Games, we all feel intense camaraderie with our teams, and it is fun to watch students' and teachers' enthusiasm grow over the course of the competition.
Ronan, new jersey

Some Blair traditions, such as School Meeting, Chapel, Society of Skeptics lectures or ringing the victory bell after an athletic win, are routine parts of the weekly Blair schedule, while others, like Peddie Day and Headmasters’ Societies Games, happen just once a year.

These beloved annual events unite the Blair community in celebration of the School’s history and spirit, giving students the chance to get to know peers and teachers who they might not encounter in their daily routines. What results is a strong sense of camaraderie that leads to lasting friendships and cherished Blair memories.

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