2019 Vespers
The Singers perform at Christmas Vespers.
Be Well @ Blair Reflection
Christmas Vespers 2019
Be Well @ Blair

Spiritual Life

My two brothers and I are lucky to go to school here. Blair has a culture of strong academics, athletics and community, and the environment is conducive to teenagers. While kids at boarding school may be taking steps toward independence by living away from home, that doesn't mean we don’t appreciate and need the support of Blair teachers and classmates who really care about helping us develop into our best selves.

Apaar, new york

Blair was founded by local Presbyterian elders in the spring of 1848. While continuing to respect the Judeo-Christian values of its founding, Blair now embraces a wider, more inclusive view of religious life and is a member of the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education.

The School promotes various avenues–some traditional, some not–to instill a sense of common values in students, always underscoring the critical value of understanding and tolerating others’ backgrounds.

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