Andee and Mike Ryerson pose with students in front of the Eiffel Tower during a trip abroad.
Students pose in front of Colosseum during 2018 Rome trip
Students watch art restoration process during 2018 Classics trip to Italy
Students dance with street musicians on a trip to Cuba.
A student poses with a baby sea turtle during a trip to the Cayman Islands.

Travel Opportunities

Traveling to a different part of the world with your classmates creates bonds that serve us in every regard, well after the trip is over.

Willy, pennsylvania

Blair encourages students to interact with people of other cultures and countries through meaningful travel opportunities, and our goal is to ensure all students have the opportunity to experience other cultures through travel during their time on campus. In recent years, students and teachers have explored Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Faculty members lead immersion trips during winter, spring and summer breaks, with the goal of encouraging students to apply classroom lessons to real-world situations and challenges. These transformative experiences raise students’ cultural awareness and help Blair students to become global citizens who are committed to serving others and contributing to the good of their communities.

Although travel opportunities vary by year, Blair students and faculty have visited five continents. In addition to the international destinations listed below, many trips have taken students to domestic locales across 14 U.S. states.