Bogle Hall

Blair Academy science students will have a wide range of opportunities to immerse themselves in projects, technology and hands-on collaborative work. Once Bogle Hall is repurposed, we will enjoy expanded research capabilities and an infrastructure that supports analytical and inquiry-based learning.


The Center for Innovation and Collaboration’s impact will resonate across Blair’s curriculum: Its construction will allow for the realignment of spaces in Bogle Hall—which currently houses all laboratory science classes, as well as engineering, some mathematics classes and the mathematics department office—to better facilitate the teaching of science.

Introducing the Chiang Center

Read a news article that further details the three building projects included in the "Forward Thinking" campaign.
Bogle Hall

Building Project Benefits

  • Moving engineering and mathematics out of Bogle Hall allows for the reorganization and upgrade of laboratories and classrooms, resulting in greater flexibility in core science class scheduling and offerings.
  • The repurposed building will feature larger chemistry and biology laboratories and a central prep location, freeing up space in each lab for classes and potential long-term projects.
  • Additional teaching spaces will include demonstration classroom-labs (“clabs”) outfitted with gas and water, providing space for students to engage in more sustained and in-depth labs and undertake independent research projects.